Sir David Brand School P&C


P&C volunteers are dedicated parents and community members who want to contribute to the management and improvement of their school.

The P&C is a support group for parents. We all have children with special needs and understand the stresses that this can place on families. Being able to talk to other parents about these challenges help us to cope with and overcome them.

The P&C is managed by an executive committee who, with other P&C members, work closely with the school principal for the benefits of the students at the school.

Parents, grandparents, neighbours and community members are welcome to join anytime. Simply fill out the membership form, include a $1 coin donation and drop it into the school. P&C members receive regular updates on events, engagements, opportunities and important school information.


Schools have their own budgets but invariably they need more than the budget allows. That's where parents and citizens become a really valuable partner. P&C often run or manage services like the uniform shop and contribute towards incursions like Sensorium.

We take part in fundraising opportunities as a way to help your school get much-wanted additional resources - from extra library books to a shade of cloth over a play area and new inclusive playground equipment.